Study visits

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, study visits had to be postponed from Spring to Autumn of 2020 in the STAIRS project. The online event was held in November and December of 2020 with over 30 experts from 6 partner countries. The focus of the Study Visits was to get familiar with the Irish (Mary Immaculate College) and Portuguese (Universidade Lusófona) good practices in the field of inclusive education.

Experts from so-called „Learning countries” (Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia) have analysed their countries education system with the focus on social inclusion in the research phase of the project, The identified needs and demands have been summarised in the Country Reports. The Study visits’ aim was to analyse and discuss good practices collected and presented by the “Sharing countries.”

After the presentations of the good practices, experts from Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia asked questions and worked in their own countries experts’ group. They collected adaptable ideas that could be used in their own countries’ context. They summarised their conclusions as lessons learnt in the documents, which can be accessed through the links as follows. These summaries provide a base for compiling the National Adaptation Plans which is an essential output of the project.

Hungarian National Summary

Croatian National Summary

Czech National Summary

Slovenia National Summary