Module 6: Adapting Good Practice and Change Management

This module will provide opportunities for the learner to explore and investigate how educational initiatives in one country can be adapted (policy and/or practice) in another country and the process of change management that is required for successful implementation of initiatives that address social and educational exclusion and marginalisation. 

This module will explore a potential structure for developing national adaption plans, taking into consideration the contextual circumstances of an individual country. In particular, the module will document the creation of national adaption plans and policy recommendations supporting the upscaling of these national adaption plans to develop broader European Adaption Plans. The European Adaption Guidelines will support the possible adaption of education initiatives at the European level by any interested country, region, or community. The national adaption plans will identify the key conditions required to develop and sustain collaborative approaches amongst key stakeholders that help reduce social exclusion. The module will also explore the process of managing change, particularly deciding what needs to be changed and why change needs to occur. It will also investigate the challenges underpinning the transformation of beliefs and mindsets and managing expectations, particularly when new initiatives etc. are being implemented at a multi-agency level. The change management toolkit will highlight/profile innovations in inclusive practices that can be successfully introduced in the adapting countries. The module will explore why change is important and the conditions necessary for, and challenges of, change management.